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Apply to be a Music Basti Teaching Artist for 2014-15!




Music Basti Teaching Artists are responsible for working with different groups of children and youth over 8 months (August 2014 – March 2015), implementing the Music Basti teaching program. A team of 15 Teaching Artists will be selected through a process of open applications, interviews and auditions between June 2014 and July 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is a Teaching Artist?

At Music Basti, a Teaching Artist is responsible for working with a group of up-to 15 children or youth over 8 months (July 2014 – March 2015), implementing the Music Basti program. A team of 20 Teaching Artists will be selected through a process of open applications, interviews and/or auditions between June 2014 and July 2014.

2.Who can apply?

If you are a musician, (whether amateur, semi-professional or professional, trained in Hindustani or western music) you are invited to apply! Music Basti is seeking musicians motivated to work with at-risk children’s and youth communities across the NCR, including in Mehrauli, Kashmere Gate, Okhla Industrial Area, Dwarka, and Gurgaon.


Applicants must be:

- 18 years of age (or completing 18 years of age in 2013);

- proficient in either/and: vocals (Hindustani or western), instrument (professional/formal music education is not required)

Applicants with prior music teaching experience (employment or voluntary), work experience with at-risk children or youth / NGOs (employment or voluntary), or other relevant work experience will be preferred.

Commitment Expected

A Teaching Artist will participate in the Music Basti program for 9 months, between July 2014 and March 2015. He/she must be available for 1 lesson per week, and additional organizational feedback meetings and trainings. (Accommodation to adjust workshop and lesson schedules will be allowed  during examinations for students who are Teaching Artists.)

A Teaching Artist position is a part-time position.

See pt. no. 4 for description of responsibilities.

3.Which values and skills is it important for a Teaching Artist to have, or build?

A Teaching Artist, while a teacher, is also role model, responsible for sharing positive values and ideas, attitudes and habits. Certain critical values such as honesty, consistency, ability to listen, capacity to incorporate constructive feedback, etc. are integral.

At Music Basti, a Teaching Artist must be flexible and responsive to meet the needs of the children and/or community, sensitive to the cultural and linguistic diversity of the children and/or community, able to professionally and responsibly maintain relationships with partner organizations and resource persons, and share accurate and regularly updated reports and documentation.

4. What are the responsibilities of a Teaching Artist?

At Music Basti, a Teaching Artist will have the following responsibilities:

Teaching Program: 

  • Work with a designated group of children at a selected institution or NGO in the NCR for 8 months, i.e., between August 2013 and March 2014. Previously, organizations including Dil Se Campaign (Aman Biradari and Center for Equity Studies) and Vidya (Integrated Development for Youth and Adults).
  • Implement and teach the Music Basti program.
  • Participate in a monthly feedback meeting with the team of Teaching Artists.
  • Submit a monthly progress report on the lessons and workshops.
  • Participate in any on-going documentation and social media activities.

One-Week Training Program: 

Participate in the one-week orientation and training prior to placement with a designated children or youth group for the teaching program (scheduled tentatively for early/mid July).

Support and Remuneration: 

Music Basti offers Teaching Artists opportunities for on-going training, support and mentorship and networking. Teaching Artists will also receive a basic honorarium-fee per lesson, on a monthly basis.

5. If selected, when will my interview and audition be?

Interviews and auditions for shortlisted applicants will be hosted in end June/early July 2014 . Applicants will be notified regarding their selection for an interview within 7 working days from the submission of their Application Form.

6. When will the one-week Training Program be held?

The one-week Training Program will be hosted in the last week of July 2014, tentatively. (Selected Teaching Artists will be informed about the details at the time of their interview.)

7. What is the one-week Training Program?

The selected  Teaching Artists will be trained by music education professionals and staff from Music Basti. The goals of the Training Program include:

  1. Equip the selected musicians as Teaching Artists to understand the Music Basti program;
  2. Learn about best practices for working with children;
  3. Build skills in improvisation and teaching;
  4. Exposure to selected local, national and international projects working for development through music and arts;
  5. Networking within the local music community to advocate for long-term positive social change through music;

8. How is a Teaching-Artist different from a “Volunteer”?

A Teaching Artist will be selected through the open application process for musicians and music-artists, and will have the opportunity to be trained in the one-week Training Program. He/she will implement the Music Basti program over 8 months, between August 2013 and March 2014, with a designated group of children.

Volunteer is an individual selected to work on a voluntary basis on a short-term or long-term music, media / documentation, or community outreach project with Music Basti. To volunteer, please click here.


Music Basti is a community based music and media learning project in New Delhi. It is managed by Integrated Development Education Association (IDEA), a registered Association set up in 1991.


Our Story

Music Basti connects at-risk children, youth and artists, with the aim to inspire growth and a sense of community through a creative and joyful music learning experience. Set up in 2008, the project has worked with over 500 at-risk children and more than 200 musicians and artists. The program is led and delivered by musicians and artists, as well as through a network of volunteers. Through building partnerships with existing child welfare organizations or rehabilitation centers, at-risk children and youth are engaged in music and art projects in order to develop and enhance their life skills, especially self-confidence, communication, creativity and cooperation. 

The Vision

Music Basti envisions a world where the universal rights of all children are recognized and practiced, and where all children have the opportunity to pursue arts, especially music and media for learning and education. The mission is to raise the voices of at-risk children and youth through arts, in particular through music and media, and consequentially the local and global consciousness on child rights and on ending poverty. 


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RE-SOUND 2013! Learn about our work, and how you can be involved!


Re-Sound is a 30-Weeks Music Program that has been introduced by Music Basti in 2013. The objective of the program is to introduce the elements of music including appreciation, listening and song writing through a creative and fun methodology, especially focused on voice and group learning, with at-risk children and youth in the NCR. The project is working with over 100 children across selected non-governmental organization partners working for education, rehabilitation and child welfare in communities including Okhla Industrial Area, Mehrauli, Kapashera, Papankalan Dwarka, and Mahipalpur. Re-Sound is being led by a select and trained group of 20 musicians working as Teaching Artists through the program.


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